Puppy Parties

Are you looking for the perfect answer for your upcoming family event or a fantastic addition to your social event?

Big Love Animal Rescue is now offering PUPPY PARTIES!

Book your event through us for birthday parties or public business events by emailing contact@bigloveanimalrescue.org.

If you have an upcoming private business event, we will connect you with our local PuppyLove representative.

Big Love Animal Rescue is a foster-based rescue and while we make ourselves available to the greater Los Angeles Metro, staffing and transport costs mean we must adjust pricing if party requests take us too far away from our main facility.

Using the map below as a rough guide, the areas within the green circle will start at our base rates:

  • 1 Hour w/4 puppies – $400
  • 2 Hours w/4 puppies – $500
  • 3 Hours w/6 puppies – $600

If you have a special request regarding a package, please email us and we'll try our best to accommodate you.

Areas within the yellow circle add $50 to the base rates. Areas within (and beyond) the red process add $100 to the base rates. For events outside the greater LA area, please contact us to determine if we can meet your needs. We’d love for our pups to be able to handle a trip anywhere they wanted, but driving for more extended periods can be taxing on them, and we want to ensure you, and they can enjoy themselves at your event.

Puppy Party Map

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