While we are so grateful to our community of supporters for allowing us to rescue animals in need, we continue to struggle financially as the number of bills increases faster than the donations received. We are constantly being asked to take in animals, most with significant medical needs, and we never want to be in a place where we can't say yes. However, without your support, we cannot continue our life-saving work. The animals need your help this Giving Tuesday.

Are you looking for the perfect answer for your upcoming family event or a fantastic addition to your social event?

Big Love Animal Rescue is now offering PUPPY PARTIES!

We will find you... on the streets, in shelters, neglected, abandoned, surrendered and lost.

We will help you get medical care, proper food, and a warm bed..

We will love you. We will help you learn to trust again. We will understand you. We will give you endless treats and toys. You will finally be home and know what it means to be a respected part of the family. You don’t ever have to be hungry or scared again.

Big Love’s team is made of up seasoned rescuers who have spent many years rescuing frightened and abandoned animals of all ages and sizes from sidewalks and dumpsters to alleyways and gutters. We’ve saved petrified animals hiding under vehicles; pets who were dumped in parks or literally thrown out on the freeway. We’ve taken dogs who had gone days without food or water, chained in yards while their owners moved away.

The animals we encounter are all emergencies and may suffer multiple health problems. Very often, their immune systems are low and they have been through physical and emotional trauma.

They have been without sufficient food, water, and shelter and many require hospitalization or surgery for everything from broken bones to infected wounds.

Our vision is a world where people have compassion, respect and big love for animals.

Our team will stop at nothing to save an animal who needs us. We drive for hours to get to a rescue. We stay up all night caring for sick animals. We spend nights watching and waiting in a car for a dog to walk into our humane trap so we can get it to immediate safety. We get down and dirty, crawling under cars and trailers, between railroad tracks, navigating abandoned junkyards. We won’t give up on an animal because we know, that they would never give up on us. With your help, we can save so many more lives. We can’t be everywhere but together we can make a huge difference.

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We need FOSTERS! And, If you are able please Donate. Any amount makes a difference! Thank you for your support!

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