Our status is in process. Big Love Animal Rescue is a non-profit 501(c) (3) applied for.  EIN 83-3022640

Adult dogs and puppies are $600
Cats are $300

* The adoption fee covers all shots to date, spay/neuter and microchip.

The first step is an Adoption Application. If approved, a meet and greet with the whole family and dog will be scheduled. The next step is a home check by a Big Love Animal Rescue representative. Upon adoption you will be asked to sign an Adoption Agreement.

We look for a safe and positive environment for all our animals. Depending on the animal’s breed and age, our requirements will change. In general, we want to make sure the dog cannot escape and is not exposed to any dangerous chemicals or things like loose wires. If we happen to find a potential hazard, we may wait until the hazard is fixed prior to allowing the dog to move to its new home.

If for any reason you are unable to keep or provide adequate care for your pet, Big Love Animal Rescue will accept the pet back. We ask that you work with us in finding a new home for the animal and are patient as sometimes it takes up to 3 months to find a new home. During the transition, since we do not own our own facility, we will ask that you continue housing the animal. If you cannot house the animal until we find it a new home, it is up to you to board it at a boarding facility until we find it a new foster. Please note, we are here to guide and help you through any complications that may arise in terms of behavior or health issues.

Yes, all adult dogs can go home for a week long trial adoption (foster-to-adopt) This is based on an approved adoption application. This is a great way to see how your other pets and your family get along with the new member of the pack. If at the end of the week you do not feel that the dog is a good fit for you and your family we can re-home the dog with a new foster.

However, very young puppies are not up for trial adoptions (foster-to-adopt) as we prefer not to disturb their environments until a firm commitment is made. As puppies, their true personality has not yet developed and it is the new owner’s responsibility is to form and shape the puppy’s behavior as it matures.

Start with the basics! Purchase a personalized identification tag with its name and your phone number along with a martingale collar or harness. Please be sure that the collar/harness fits snugly not allowing more than 2 finger widths to fit between the neck and the collar. You’ll also need two separate dog bowls for food (during mealtimes) and water (available at all times). We recommend having some good quality treats and toys as well. The dog will also need at least one dog bed and a crate.

Please make the space as dog-friendly as possible. This means making sure items the dog can chew and swallow aren’t left on the floor (i.e. pencils, children toys, electrical wiring, etc.) and any hazardous chemicals and materials are out of reach.